Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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I love creating lesson plans, ideas, and teaching resources for my classroom and thought I should start sharing them on Teacher's Pay Teacher's. If you teach upper elementary and want quality, low cost...even FREE resources...follow my TpT store. I will posting new products all year. Enjoy!

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Monday, July 10, 2017

"All About Me" Back to School Project!

Back to school is just around the corner and I wanted to share my favorite project for the first day of school. I created this simple "All About Me" flag pennant for the students to fill in information about themselves. It not only allows you to get to know them better, but it doubles as a great addition to my Back-To-School bulletin board. Just cut it out and string it together! You can download this project and more at my TpT store HERE.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Free Time Friday

It's Friday!! I thought I would share about how I do something called "Free Time Friday" in my classroom. Every Friday I carve out 20 minutes at the end of the school day for my students to enjoy themselves for working hard all week long. It is basically a free choice time for students to do whatever they like (within reason of course). Free Time Friday allows you to reward students who have behaved well and completed all their work. However, if students did not have good behavior that week and/or did not complete all their work....this time allows for them to make up for that. My students love it and it helps me reinforce classroom management and make sure all my students stay up to speed on all their work.

Who Does Not Participate in Free Time Friday

For students who cannot participate in Free Time Friday because they have incomplete work, they can join in on the fun once their work is about high motivation....all of a sudden my slow working students become very quick! If a student cannot participate in Free Time Friday because of behavior I sometimes send them out of the room...either office or a team teacher's room depending on their behavior, with approval of course. Give them something to do like incomplete work or a book to read.

How to Establish Free Time Friday

When I introduce Free Time Friday, I do an anchor chart of what it looks like and what it doesn't so I set clear expectations: volume level, behavior, and the choice of activities. We discuss what types of activities they can do during this "choice time." Some examples are: computer time, play a game, read a book, draw, etc. Some students even choose to be a peer tutor and help those who have incomplete work to finish.

Free Time Friday is a privilege and not a right...remember you are in control and if they don't deserve it one week because as a class they were not can do that.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Classroom Jobs

When you teach upper elementary, having classroom jobs not only is good for the students it can make your life easier! Over the course of my years teaching I have finally found a smooth hassle-free class job system that works for everyone. 

What Kind of Jobs to Create? 

First establish what kind of jobs/roles your classroom needs. Each year I had a different number of students, so determine how many jobs you need to fit the size of your class. Remember that some jobs can have two or more students in charge, ie. material master. 

If you need help with a list of jobs and posters for your classroom, 

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Job Bulletin Board
Create a bulletin board in your classroom with job titles....I'm so bummed that I never took a picture of my job bulletin board...sorry. Then get wooden clothespins from the dollar tree or wherever and label them with student numbers or names. Clothespins with student numbers can be used for so many things and reused from year to year! These clothespins can be easily attached to the job titles and transferred when jobs get changed. Having a board helps you and the class know who is responsible for what. 

How to Assign Jobs?
The first week of school and introduce the class jobs to the class. I handout a packet that describes each job and their responsibilities along with a job application form. Both can be found at my TpT store, Mrs Kearsley's Class. By the second week, I assign the jobs. In my class, some jobs have more responsibilities then others. To make it fair, I have high paying jobs that require more work and responsibility and low paying jobs that don’t require much work. The high paying jobs are things like: Teacher’s assistant, Banker, Homework Monitor, etc. These jobs pay more because they are done frequently and have a high-level of responsibility. They also require more training up front, so these jobs are held the entire year of half of the year so that they become proficient and you don’t need to consistently be training new students in that role. I tell my students that all have the ability to lose their job if they don’t do their job or perform it correctly.just like the real world. This allows some students to have two jobs potentially; however, most of the time this never happens because students want the money. The lower paying jobs like: pencil master, door monitor, light monitor, etc. rotate once a month. All you do it switch the clothespins and announce the new roles for those students. 

Class Economy and Class Jobs

At the end of each month, students get paid for their jobs. Students have bank accounts (account sheets in a binder) and get a "direct deposit" each month. All high paying jobs get $100/month and low paying jobs get $50/month. However, they are not guaranteed to get the full amount if they have not done their job for the month. Students can get a cut in their pay if they do not perform their job. 

Hope this helps give you an idea of how to implement classroom jobs into your classroom. It takes a month or two before your class starts running like a good oiled machine. 

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